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User being connected online through a mobile phone.
What is a Digital Workplace?
travis | 16 October

I work with a team that is on the other side of the world.  When I wake up in the morning to start my day, my team members are winding down and tending to

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Microsoft SharePoint is the hidden gem.
One Hidden Gem In Your O365 Subscription 
travis | 15 October

You’ve decided to use Office 365 for a reason. Maybe it’s because Microsoft is a company you trust and believe in.  Maybe it’s because you are looking for

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An employee and manager talking at a table.
How to Improve Communication Between Managers and Employees
editor | 19 September

Managers have it tough. You need to complete your own work duties with the added responsibility of taking care of one or more employees under your wing. There’

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the People1 team in a conference room.
The Untold Story of People1
editor | 07 September

Every product that has ever been made started from some pain point or issue that someone had. From that pain, a solution was born. People1 is a growing mobile

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