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Digital solution to manage Return-to-Workplace complexities

People1 Care

As organizations across the world prepare to bring their operations back to a state of normalcy, safety of employees at workplace had become a top priority.  Transition to this new normal while managing employee safety using manual processes and excel based activities will be complex and challenging.

"People1 Care" helps organizations to use a digital solution in managing return-to-work processes centrally and overcome the challenges.

Return-to-Work Confidently with People1 Care

DAILY WELLNESS SCREENING: Scan and record employee’s and site guest’s temperatures daily. Advise those who test positive to return home and contact their healthcare provider

SOCIAL DISTANCING SUPPORT: Alert site workers of their physical proximity to others so that those who infringe on social distancing space can be assisted through training or workspace reconfiguration

DIGITAL CONTACT TRACING: In the event contact tracing is needed, proximity tracking data shows who has recently been in contact with the individual so that appropriate safety actions can be taken and affected work areas disinfected

COMPLIANCE REPORTING: People1 maintains meticulous records of health and safety training as well as employee safety performance.  These reports help ensure CDC Guidelines and local orders are being met for a liability claim if needed

People1 Care


Key Benefits of a Digital Solution

Learn about the features which make your return-to-work activities seamless

Employee Mobile App Check-in

Fully Mobile

Onboard employees seamlessly to use mobile applications with email/SMS based invites. Mobile app based screening assessments and check-in options.
Employee Checklist

Self Assessments

Pre-built questionnaires to help you screen employees before they arrive at work, capture daily temperature readings, and assess risks using a scoring algorithm.​

Training & Compliance

Enable employees to stay up to date on new policies and guidelines related to workplace safety, and be compliant to regulations.
Employee – Incident Reporting

Event Reporting

Enable employees to quickly report suspected workplace incidents related to COVID-19 from their mobile device using our mobile application.​
Employee – App Notifications and Alerts

Notifications and Alerts

Employees receive real-time alerts and notifications for social distancing breach and other critical organization wide updates.​
Employer – Admin / Dashboard View

Reports & Dashboard

Centralized command center to monitor and respond based on employee screening and other critical data. Pre-configured reports help you to monitor important metrics.
People1 Care


Get the Right Message to Your People, Anywhere

People1 Care is mobile first, making all its features work for employees on the go at anytime of the day.

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People1 Care

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